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China calls for ‘maximum restraint’

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            In a high-level discussion with US officials yesterday, China’s top diplomat (again) urged all parties to maintain prudence.

“All parties should show greatest caution, safeguard civilians, and avoid a large-scale humanitarian disaster”, Yang Jiechi stated in a meeting read-out summary provided by Beijing this morning.

Yang stated that China was committed to fostering peace negotiations and that “the international community should… strive for the situation to cool down as quickly as feasible”.

However, he stressed that the “legitimate concerns of all parties” must be addressed.

His remarks came during a seven-hour meeting in Rome with US national security advisor Jake Sullivan, which was keenly observed since US security officials had accused China of signalling its willingness to provide Russia with weapons just hours earlier.

Beijing categorically denied the claims, calling them “false”.

So far, China has refrained from criticising Moscow, instead stating that its “security concerns” should be taken seriously.

At the same time, Beijing has stated its “unwavering support” for Ukraine’s sovereignty.

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