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China asks the West why it remains silent about civilian casualties in Iraq and Afghanistan during the Ukraine crisis

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            China accuses the United States, NATO, and Western media of being ‘hypocritical’ in their condemnation of Beijing’s stance on Ukraine.

Do these people mean nothing to you, he asks? Don’t forget about Serbia or Yugoslavia. When asked whether Beijing agreed with US President Joe Biden’s depiction of Russia’s President Vladimir Putin as a “war criminal”, Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Zhao Lijian responded, “the US, NATO, and the Western media are highly hypocritical. Do not forget Serbia or Yugoslavia in 1999”. When it comes to civilian casualties and the humanitarian situation, I’m curious if you’re as concerned about the people of Iraq, Syria, Afghanistan, and Palestine.

“Those who mislead themselves into thinking they can lord it over the world after winning the Cold War, those who continue to drive NATO’s eastward expansion, and those who commit wars throughout the world while blaming other countries of belligerence should definitely feel uncomfortable”, Zhao says. The United States and NATO have the key to resolving the Ukraine problem. Goal stated that it was to avert war in Europe.

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