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Chimpanzees Use Different Stone Tools To Break Different Nuts

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Chimpanzees Brainy

Chimpanzees Brainy

Early human-made tools have been mentioned in a large number of scientific works. These toolkits contain hammerstones, stone cores, and sharp stone flakes. It is startling to see that chimpanzees indeed possess distinctive stone tools for opening different kinds of nuts. The researchers discovered a variety of stone tools that were used to crack several nut species early in 2022 while conducting fieldwork in the Ta Forest in Cote d’Ivoire to document a troop of wild chimpanzees’ use of stone tools. The Royal Society Open Science website now hosts their research.

Experts claim that many groups of chimpanzees have unique tool use cultures that comprise both wooden and stone implements. However, only a few tribes in West Africa use stone tools to crack open nuts. By comparing the 3D models of numerous stone tools used by chimpanzees in the Ta Forest with those from another group in Guinea, researchers showed that there are considerable variations between the two groups in terms of their material culture. According to the research, this particular chimpanzee population in Guinea uses large stone anvils, some of which can measure more than one meter in length, as well as different kinds and sizes of stone hammers. These sturdy stone tools, which are widely dispersed in the natural world, preserve varied degrees of wear and tear from their use and act as a permanent record of chimpanzee habits.

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