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‘Certified’ Status will Cost $20 Per Month, according to Elon Musk

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Certified Status

Certified Status

#ElonMusk’s takeover of #Twitter is still in progress. Twitter Blue, the $5 monthly premium subscription, will undergo adjustments as a result of the social network’s acquisition by a new company (unavailable with us). The Verge reports that Musk wants to raise the cost of this subscription to $19.99 per month and mandate that users have Certified user status.

Or, to put it another way, current certified users would have 90 days to subscribe before they would lose the tiny blue mark. This adjustment should be made quickly since personnel working on the project were warned on Sunday that failure to launch the feature by November 7 would result in termination.

Other alterations have been made to Elon Musk’s hood. He demanded the removal of the 280 character tweet limit and an increase in the video time limit yesterday (currently limited to 2 minutes 20). He also started a poll about Vine, the app that served as the model for TikTok, maybe making a comeback.

The Tesla founder’s entrance has already been felt on the site after only 4 days. He recommended explicitly that the home page for logged-out users be changed to show trending tweets as opposed to the prior presentation of a straightforward signup form. Twitter staff members perceived the request as Musk’s attempt to assert his new position as boss, despite the fact that the modification doesn’t fundamentally alter the site.

At Twitter, people are tense. Elon Musk dismissed the company’s CEO Parag Agrawal as well as other executives after his arrival. According to The Verge, administrators are already creating lists of staff to lay off, so more layoffs are anticipated. The CEO wants to ease up on the platform’s strict content control, which alarms advertisers.

Some users, for their part, are leaving the platform. According to Mastodon’s director, 18,000 users signed up between October 20 and October 27. Others turn to Discord, a platform with additional functionality, as a backup.

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