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Celestial Dance: Moon, Jupiter, And Venus In Perfect Trifecta

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Celestial Dance

Celestial Dance

The Moon, Jupiter, and Venus appeared in a perfect trifecta in the sky, a rare celestial synchronized dance. Jupiter and Venus, and the Moon formed a triangular shape in the night sky as the heavenly bodies came closer to each other.

Earth’s mysterious twin Venus and the Solar System’s giant, Jupiter, are moving closer to each other on March 1. Jupiter and Venus conjunct the Moon in the evening. A planetary conjunction, also known as a conjunction, makes it possible for two planets to appear close to each other or touch each other in Earth’s night sky.

Manitoba Museum’s planetarium and science gallery programme supervisor Mike Jensen said, “They are of course, two planets in our solar system that are actually very far apart from one another. But they are orbiting The Sun just as we are. So there are times throughout their orbits where from Earth, from our vantage point here on our planet, the two appear to come close together to one another in our sky. And that happens for all the planets that are closer to us.”

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