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Celebs Wear Blue Ribbons to Show Solidarity With Ukraine at the Oscars in 2022, from Diane Warren to Jamie Lee Curtis

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To recognize the ongoing crisis in Ukraine, the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences conducted a moment of quiet. The organizers conveyed their support for the people of Ukraine through slides with a message of support. On the red carpet this year, several celebrities donned blue ribbons distributed by the UN Refugee Agency.

“We’d like to observe a minute of silence in honour of the people of Ukraine, who are presently facing invasion, struggle, and intolerance within their own borders,” the statement on the slides said. While the film provides a vital platform for us to demonstrate our humanity during times of crisis, millions of Ukrainian people still require food, medical care, safe drinking water, and emergency services. Although resources are limited, we can accomplish more as a “global community.” We implore you to assist Ukraine in whatever way you can. #StandWithUkraine.”

Celebrities that wore blue ribbons in solidarity of Ukraine include:

Jamie Lee Curtis – She wore a blue ribbon on her left hand with the words “with refugees” written on it.

Diane Warren — On the red carpet, she wore a blue ‘with refugees’ pin.

A north Korean refugee, Yuh-Jung Youn, wore the blue ribbon over a black long-sleeved shirt.

Jason Momoa (Avengers: Infinity War) His outfit also contained a small nod to Ukraine, with a blue-and-yellow pocket square honoring the country’s flag.

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