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CDS Bipin Rawat Chopper crash enquiry team to be reports Rajnath Singh

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Defense Minister Rajnath Singh will be given an in-depth presentation on CDS General Bipin Rawat’s helicopter mishap investigation.

The tri-services inquiry team will inform Singh today.

According to reports, the investigation team led by Air Marshal Manavendra Singh investigated all conceivable explanations for the disaster, including suspected human error or confusion by the crew as the helicopter prepared to land.

The conclusions of the Court of Inquiry, as well as the method used in the investigation, are being legally verified, according to the persons. “The legal vetting is being done to guarantee that the investigation team followed all of the already down rules and procedures,” one of the sources quoted above stated.

When asked about the crash’s likely causes, a number of aviation experts noted there had been cases of a considerable number of air mishaps caused by visual disorientation induced by pilots’ lack of situational awareness. According to one of them, inclement weather might contribute to a lack of situational awareness at times.

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