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Canada Stabbings: 11 Were Killed By One Man And Not Two Brothers As Thought

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Canada Stabbings

Canada Stabbings

According to the authorities, just one of the brothers committed the tragic mass stabbings that shook Canada’s Saskatchewan province at the beginning of September, and his own brother was one of the victims. In the attack on September 4 over Canada’s Labour Day weekend, ten individuals perished, including nine members of the indigenous James Smith Cree Nation.

While Myles Sanderson, 32, passed away on September 7 following his arrest, his brother Damien, 31, was discovered dead a few days earlier. She also let the public know that the brothers had been drug dealers in the neighborhood the day before the incident. She said that they were also involved in three violent fights that were not reported.

Damien’s death was either before or after the other murders, according to the authorities. The official cause of death for Myles Sanderson, who passed away while in police custody, is still unclear and is not expected to be made public until 2023. Some local stories said that he overdosed on medications shortly before being arrested and died as a result.

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