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Canada Begins A Long-Awaited Review Of Cannabis Rules

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Canada began a long-awaited review of its cannabis policies on Thursday, four years after becoming the first big country to legalize recreational usage. An expert panel led by Morris Rosenberg, a former deputy minister of justice, will assess the impact of legalization on youth, Indigenous peoples, and others, as well as the economy and an illicit market that the new system is intended to replace.

“We recognized that young people are at heightened risk of experiencing harms from cannabis, such as mental health problems including dependence and disorders related to anxiety and depression,” Addictions Minister Carolyn Bennett said. Public awareness programs, she claims, have made “young people more aware of the hazards of smoking cannabis,” yet their usage has not decreased as expected after legalization. She claims that it has remained reasonably constant. According to government data, 25% of Canadians, or 9.5 million people, used cannabis in 2021, a modest decrease from the previous year. They spent an average of Can$69 (US$51) each month on marijuana.

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