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Canada Announces Plans To Boost Local Rocket Launches

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Rocket Launches

Rocket Launches

Canada has revealed a multi-year plan to help the nation’s first personally built rocket launches and create new launch laws, responding to the demand for space-based services worldwide. The objective is to significantly increase the nation’s space capacities and the commercial space sector, primarily made up of companies like Telesat and MDA, and the country’s presence on the International Space Station. Omar Alghabra, Canada’s minister of transportation, reported it at the Canadian Space Agency’s headquarters.

“We want to convey the message loud and clear… that Canada intends on being a leader in the field of space,” Alghabra said, adding that stimulating a commercial takeoff capacity would help Canada’s economizing and add more jobs.

A wave of new launch businesses has sprung up due to ideals by various nations and US businesses to deploy vast networks of thousands of internet-beaming satellites in the coming years. These firms compete for a piece of what some analysts predict will grow to be a trillion-dollar space demand by 2030.

There are few launch companies in Canada, but authorities hope the new regulation push will encourage more homegrown talent and ignite a space industry, reducing Canada’s reliance on a few international launching countries like the United States and Russia.

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