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Canada Accuses China Of Direct Interference In The Election, Beijing Denies It

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After learning that there had been foreign interference in the country’s elections, Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau accused China of playing “aggressive games” with his nation’s democracy and institutions on Monday.

The Chinese foreign ministry denied the accusations but said on Tuesday that China had “no interest” in meddling in Canada’s domestic issues. Speaking out would damage relations with China, according to a spokeswoman for the foreign ministry, thus Canada should refrain from doing so. Zhao Lijian, the spokesperson, added that only on the foundation of “mutual respect, equality, and benefit” can nations establish lasting relationships.

Trudeau had told reporters: “We have taken significant measures to strengthen the integrity of our elections processes and our systems, and will continue to invest in the fight against election interference, against foreign interference of our democracies and institutions.” 

“Unfortunately, we’re seeing countries, state actors from around the world, whether it’s China or others, are continuing to play aggressive games with our institutions, with our democracies,” he added. 

Trudeau made his remarks after a small Canadian news outlet, Global News, claimed that Beijing had personally influenced a recent election by supporting a “clandestine network” of candidates. Days after investigators began looking into the illegal Chinese police stations in the Toronto region, there was a claim of election tampering.

Without naming the source, the Global News stated that intelligence officials informed the Trudeau administration that China was attempting to sway or undermine Canada’s political process.

According to the report, Beijing ordered money transfers to at least 11 candidates for the federal election. The money appears to have been routed via a politician from Ontario and others.

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