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Can You Believe it? Watch this Video Two Nurses Protects A Room Full Of Newborn Babies During Turkey Earthquake

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Nurses Turkey Earthquake

Nurses Turkey Earthquake

Last week, In the recent memory of the Turkey Earthquake, has already taken over more than 33,000 lives. Currently, the rescue and rehabilitation process continues, and now this video below has melted the heart that was going viral on social media; when sudden earthquakes appear, the two nurses on the shift in the hospital run to save the newborn’s life instead of holding their own life. 

A CCTV video clip from a hospital in Gaziantep shows two nurses, identified as Devlet Nizam and Gazal Caliksan, running to the room where the newborn babies were kept in the intensive care unit(ICU) when the earthquake struck.

Most people in this world, even we, will run outdoors when an earthquake hits, but these two nurses came and stood for the babies. Throughout the video, while everything shook inside the room, the courageous nurses held their own and protected the babies.  

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