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Bus crash in Sinai, north-eastern Egypt, 16 killed

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            According to the country’s Health Ministry, at least 16 persons were killed and 18 others were injured in a bus collision on the international highway in the Sinai Peninsula in north-eastern Egypt early Saturday.

“Due to a fog that impaired sight, a bus collided with a microbus on the route going to South Sinai province,” according to the statement.

Thirteen ambulances were dispatched to the location. The injured, who had mostly fractured and bruises, were sent to the nearest public hospital, according to the report.

An investigation was launched right away.

Daily road accidents are widespread in Egypt due to inadequate road infrastructure and lax traffic laws.

Egypt has been modernising its road network in recent years, building new highways and bridges and repairing existing ones.

According to the Egyptian Ministry of Planning and Economic Development, road accident deaths decreased by 44% in 2019-2020.

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