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Brazil registers first death due to Omicron

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On Thursday, Brazil announced its first fatality from the Omicron type of Covid.

The patient was a verified Omicron case’s contact.

According to Health Ministry data, Brazil had 22.38 million Covid cases and 619,641 fatalities.

According to Xinhua News Agency on Thursday, Brazil has recorded the first fatality from the Omicron strain of COVID-19 in the city of Aparecida de Goiania in the state of Goias (January 6).

The casualty, a 68-year-old male with high blood pressure and “chronic obstructive lung illness,” was admitted to a local hospital, according to the municipality, the news agency said.

According to the news site, the patient was a contact of a confirmed Omicron case who had gotten three vaccination doses.

According to the local health secretariat, the fatality occurred 10 days after the notification of community transmission of the variation in the city.

Brazil had 22.38 million COVID-19 infections and 619,641 fatalities, according to Xinhua, citing Health Ministry statistics.

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