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Bomb Blast In An Apartment Building Chicago, Nearly 8 People Injured 

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According to the city’s fire department, a bomb that occurred on Tuesday in the American city of Chicago resulted in at least 8 injuries. Three persons are said to be in critical condition, according to media sources. The authorities “confidently” believe they have evacuated the building in the interim. According to the officials, an investigation to determine what caused the explosion is presently taking place.

The bomb blast at 9:45 (local time), according to the Chicago Fire Department, which also used Twitter to broadcast photographs and provide updates. The four-story brick apartment building on the city’s western edge that was totally destroyed by the explosion was seen in the photographs that were made public. According to the fire department, the event happened close to Washington Boulevard and Central Avenue.

Eight patients, two female, and six male were brought to the hospital after at least 10 ambulances and 135 first responders were dispatched to the scene. At least three patients are in critical condition, the most of them have “extremely catastrophic burn injuries,” according to department spokesperson Larry Merritt. These patients are receiving care at Loyola University Medical Center’s burn unit.

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