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Bolsonaro is Defeated in Brazil’s Election, and Lula Makes a Comeback

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After former president Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva defeated incumbent far-right Jair #Bolsonaro in the presidential election, Brazil has shifted to the left. #Lula received 50.9% of the vote after a tumultuous election in which two enmities from opposing political parties squared off.

It was sufficient to defeat Jair Bolsonaro, whose backers had predicted victory. However, the division that this election has brought to light is unlikely to go away. For a politician who was incarcerated and prohibited from running in the 2018 presidential election, it is an astounding comeback.

He had been convicted of accepting a bribe from a Brazilian construction company in exchange for contracts with Petrobras, the country’s state-owned oil giant. Before his conviction was overturned and he was allowed to leave prison after 580 days, Lula engaged in politics again. He began his victory speech by saying, They wanted to bury me alive and here I am.

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