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Bob Marley’s Grandson Jo Mersa Died At The Age Of 31

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Jo Mersa Marley

Jo Mersa Marley

The Marley family is mourning the loss of a young relative. Therefore it is a terrible day for them. According to a report by the US news site The New York Post, #Jo Mersa Marley, the grandson of renowned reggae artist #Bob Marley, has passed away. According to a tweet by journalist Abka Fitz-Henley, Jo, a reggae musician of Jamaican-American descent, was discovered unconscious inside a car. This information was provided by The Post.

According to a South Florida radio station’s Instagram post, the singer of Hurting Inside died due to an asthma attack. The singer of Burn It Down spent a large portion of his early years in Jamaica. He then moved to Florida to finish high school.

The Post reported Jamaica Observer as saying he later enrolled at Miami Dade College to study studio engineering.

“In all honesty, it depends on the vibe because sometimes you will have a tune or idea like a whole tune is in your head but no beat, and other times, you have a beat and no tune,” he said. “That’s for me, of course. I can’t speak for everyone. Some songs I can finish in a night, and some take longer,” The Post quoted Jo Mersa from an interview with the Jamaica Gleaner.

“My father (Stephen Marley) has created a legacy by putting out songs with meaning, It’s something I have to live up to,” he added.

His great-grandfather Bob Marley contributed significantly to the growth of reggae music. The songs Everything’s Gonna Be Alright, Get Up, Stand Up, Is This Love, I Shot the Sheriff and No Woman, No Cry was among his best hits. According to The New York Post, he passed away at age 36 from melanoma in 1981.

Talking about the legacy of his legendary grandfather, the Mucho humo singer said, “We always hear those reflections, speaking about those things, about the role that he played not only as family member and father, but also in the world and the impact he had on the Reggae community and the Reggae culture, the roots, bringing forward the message of Rastafari and love, overall love.”

Jo Mersa is survived by his wife, daughter and musically talented sister Mystic Marley.

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