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BMW introduces “Colour Changing” cars

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          BMW, the German luxury automobile manufacturer, has announced a new car model that changes colour at the CES 2022. The BMW IX Flow automobile, which changes colour with the push of a button, was presented during the event.

The automobile features a one-of-a-kind technology that allows it to change colours with the press of a button. ‘We are taking customization to previously unseen heights,’ stated BMW during the introduction.

‘You select your clothing, you choose your social media status, and now you can choose the colour of your automobile,’ according to BMW.

Although the German carmaker has not provided many specifics about the technology, a video of the new model has been uploaded on social media. BMW published a video of the new automobile model on Twitter. The BMW IX appears in a dark grey tone before shifting to white in the video.

Aside from changing colours, this premium vehicle offers a number of other intriguing capabilities. ‘If you’ve misplaced your car in the parking lot, we can make it flash so you can identify it in your peripheral vision,’ said BMW.

‘The third advantage is functional. We may modify the colour of the automobile to vary the reflection of sunlight and hence the thermal qualities. ‘We can essentially modify the colour of our automobile to meet our environmental aims,’ stated BMW in a statement.

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