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‘Blood rain’ falls on the United Kingdom as a ‘apocalyptic’ Sahara dust bomb ‘scares and confuses’ Brits

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          Saharan dust has raced over Europe and has begun to fall on the United Kingdom, with many Britons reporting orange-tinged sky and “blood rain”.

Brits have expressed surprise at the dramatic images of dust-covered vehicles, clothing, and gardens as “blood rain” pours throughout the country.

Rebecca Bushby, of Harefield, Middlesex, sent The Mirror photos of her garden chairs showing where gritty rainwater had gathered.

She said that the dusty rains had “covered” her garden.

“To be honest, I thought I was going crazy at first and was trying to figure out how everything was so dirty, then I realised it looked like everything was coated in sand”, the 27-year-old marketing professional stated.

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