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Biden’s Faux Pas As He Confuses The Date Of The Jan 6 Capitol Hill Riots

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On Friday, US President Joe Biden honored individuals who stood up for the building and the lawmakers within on the second anniversary of the Capitol Hill riots by presenting them with the “Presidential Citizens Medal.” He incorrectly stated that the riot occurred on July 6th, nevertheless, throughout his speech.

“It’s not an exaggeration to say that America owes you all, and I mean this, a debt of gratitude. Once we can never fully repay, unless we live up to what you did,” said Biden before taking the misstep, “If I can halt for a second, and just say to you, the impact of what happened on July the 6th had international repercussions beyond what any of you I think can fully understand.”

Biden’s address was captured on film, which has since gone viral on social media sites. Several of his critics have subsequently attacked him in the video. One internet user mocked Biden by mixing up the dates of the Pearl Harbor assault and 9/11. Others, meanwhile, just described it as uncomfortable for the president, who is frequently made fun of for his clumsy remarks.

Biden presented 14 medals during the ceremony and declared that political violence had “no place” in the United States.

“Despite our differences in opinion, we must say clearly with a united voice…there’s no place, zero, zero place in America for voter intimidation…for political violence.”

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