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Biden Supports India As A Permanent Member Of The UNSC: White House Official

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According to a senior member of US President Joe Biden’s administration, Germany, Japan, and India should be permanent members of the UN Security Council after reform. The official, who spoke under the condition of anonymity, told PTI that there is still much to be done in this regard. The official responded to a question with, “We have traditionally and still support the notion that Germany, Japan, and India should be permanent members of the Security Council. In his speech to the UN General Assembly earlier on Wednesday, Biden reaffirmed his commitment to changing the UN Security Council. 

The institution needs to be more inclusive, according to Biden, in order to better meet the demands of the modern world. To maintain the UN Security Council’s credibility and effectiveness, he said, members, including the US, should constantly honor and defend the UN Charter and abstain from using their veto, save in exceptional and unusual circumstances. “For this reason as well, the United States is in favor of adding more permanent and non-permanent Council members. For some nations that we have long supported, this includes permanent seats, Biden added.

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