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Biden proposes a budget for the Indo-Pacific Strategy of $1.8 billion.

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President Joe Biden recommends spending $1.8 billion to bolster his Indo-Pacific Strategy and $400 million to counteract China’s hostile behavior. Both are included in the US’s $773 billion yearly defense budget for 2023, which was submitted to Congress as part of the White House’s annual budgeting plans. Furthermore, the Budget allocates $682 million to Ukraine, an increase of $219 million above the authorized amount for 2021.

“In the Indo-Pacific, America is strengthening its role and expanding cooperation with longtime allies and partners, including new diplomatic, defense and security, critical and emerging technology and supply chain, climate and global health initiatives, as well as supporting stronger ties between our European and Indo-Pacific allies,” Biden said. The White House’s 2023 Pacific Deterrence Initiative highlights some of the important investments the Department of Defense is making to improve deterrence in the Indo-Pacific area, according to the White House.

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