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Biden expresses concern over the Ukraine-Russia conflict

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          Russian President Vladimir Putin was criticised by Joe Biden for his aggressive invasion of Ukraine, as well as for underestimating the effectiveness of American diplomacy and the NATO alliance.

Mr. Biden declared in his first State of the Union address, “We’ve seen throughout history that when dictators don’t pay a price for their aggression, it leads to even greater disorder. “They persist, and the costs and hazards to America and the rest of the world escalate”.

“That is why, following WWII, the NATO Alliance was founded to preserve peace and security in Europe”.

Mr. Biden also likened Putin’s behaviour to those of previous autocrats. “He anticipated the West and NATO would not respond, and he thought he could split us here”, he said. “Putin was wrong; we were ready”.

Russia and Ukraine have been at odds since Thursday morning. Russian troops not only violated the Ukrainian border, but also targeted densely populated areas. Russia’s military is now seeking to grab control of the Ukrainian capital, Kyiv, after seizing control of numerous Ukrainian cities. As a result, the threat to Kyiv has escalated.

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