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Biden Campaigns On Eve Of Polls, Sunak, And Macron Meet, And More

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Tuesday is the vital #US midterm election. On the night before the election, President #Joe Biden did not take a break and campaigned vehemently against the Republicans at a college in Maryland. In other events, French President Emmanuel Macron met with British Prime Minister Rishi Sunak on Monday, and they expressed optimism about cooperating to stop illegal immigration.

President Joe Biden campaigned in Maryland on the eve of the midterm elections, warning people in attendance that a Republican victory would be disastrous for democracy and undermine many of his administration’s successes.

Rishi Sunak, the prime minister of Great Britain, expressed optimism about cooperating with France to stop illegal immigration on Monday. A new deal between the two nations to lessen the number of individuals crossing the English Channel, according to his spokesperson, is almost finalized. On Tuesday, North Korea refuted US allegations that it had arms deals with Russia and asserted that it had no such plans.  The World Health Organization reported on Monday that the hot weather has contributed to the deaths of at least 15,000 individuals in Europe so far this year.

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