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Bengaluru robbery, man robs 3.8 lakh and gold in knife point

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            A masked guy between the ages of 30-35 allegedly looted Rs 3.8 lakh cash and over Rs 78 lakh gold from a State Bank of India branch in an audacious crime reported from Bengaluru.

The event occurred at the closing hours of the bank’s BTM layout branch at around 5:40 p.m., when the two remaining bank workers, Harish N and Tejaswini, were winding up the day’s work.

Harish, the bank’s general manager, revealed that there was no security at the branch and that just the two of them were present at the time of the occurrence. Because of health difficulties, the bank’s manager was on leave, and he was filling in for him, said in Times now report.

He said that a guy wearing a mask entered the premises and brandished a knife in front of them. He pressed the knife on the female employee’s neck and demanded money.

“We were afraid for our life, so Tejaswini and I brought him to the strongroom and handed him Rs 3,75,200 and 1,860 grams of gold, which we stored in 17 pockets”, Harish explained.

The bandit dashed away from the scene after pocketing the loot. The police have received a report about the event, and an investigation is ongoing to find the armed assailant.

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