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Bengaluru police seize 78 kg of marijuana and arrest 9 peddlers in three separate incidents

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            In a significant milestone in the fight against drug smuggling, Bengaluru Police nabbed nine peddlers in three separate drug smuggling instances in the city.

Police also recovered 78 kg of ganja from the accused’s hands, which they had purchased for the purpose of selling.

In three separate drug smuggling instances, police apprehend nine people.

According to the Times of India (TOI), three peddlers from Tripura, named as Kamarulla Islam (27), Sahid Mia (40), and Kurshid Mia (22) were apprehended on Sunday at Janakiram Layout by Banaswadi police.

Police seized 20 kilograms of marijuana from their possession.

Similarly, Ramamurthy Nagar police apprehended two people suspected of narcotics smuggling.

Asif Sheikh (30) and Shivaraj R (26), both residents of Hullahalli Gate in Begur, have been recognised as the accused.

The arrest also resulted in the confiscation of 15 kg of ganja and the discovery of three mobile phones used by the accused to communicate with their customers.

In the third case, Upparpet police apprehended a group of four people who were involved in the transportation and sale of ganja.

According to TOI sources, the primary offender has been identified as Allabaksh, who used to carry out unlawful operations with his associates.

His possession of 44 kg of ganja was confiscated by police.

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