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Beijing Winter Olympics 2022: Google Doodle marks about the beginning of the event

The 2022 Winter Olympics begin this week in Beijing, China, with the opening ceremony on Friday. On February 4, Google released a charming doodle to commemorate the start of the Beijing Winter Olympics. Some of the activities that will take place during the Olympics are depicted in the animated doodle.

“The competitive beasts in today’s Doodle have assembled beneath the winter sky from all across the world to keep their cool and put their opponents on the ice. Who will seize victory and scamper home an international legend?”, According to the description on Google Doodle’s page.

The doodle’s animated animals may be seen competing in sports such as ice hockey, figure skating, and skiing.

The Beijing Winter Olympics 2022 will include almost 3000 competitors from 90 countries. According to the New York Times, the opening ceremony will take place in the National Stadium, also known as the Bird’s Nest.

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