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Balkan River, Natural beauty Now Becomes ‘Trash Zone’

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Balkan River

Balkan River

A river running through the Balkans has become a dumping ground due to bad weather and chronic mismanagement. The Drina River in Bosnia-Herzegovina flows through forests and mountains. But now countless plastic bottles, rusted barrels, used tires and household items pile up.

Uncontrolled riverside dumping is piled behind the downstream fence. The water of this river flows through three countries in the Balkans. Local environmentalists complain that a retaining wall built by a Bosnian hydroelectric plant has become a dumping ground. The region has experienced obscenely hot weather and heavy rains.

Drina river is 346 kilometers long. It starts in northwestern Montenegro and runs through Serbia and Bosnia. It has emerald-colored tributaries and stunning views.

Environmentalists feel that cleaning the Trina river will solve some problems. It takes an average of six months to clean it. Furthermore, the waste cannot be handled at the local landfill in Vyskrat. The Balkans lag behind Europe in terms of economy and environmental protection. The country sought EU membership in the last decade and saw growth as it developed environmentally friendly disposal systems.

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