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Australian Scientists Hope To Cultivate Plants On The Moon By 2025

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Grow Plant In Moon

Grow Plant In Moon

In a new mission launched on Friday, Australian scientists are attempting to cultivate plants on the Moon by 2025, The spacecraft, an unofficial Israeli Moon mission, will transport seeds, according to plant researcher Brett Williams of Queensland University of Technology. After landing, they would receive water within the tightly closed room, and their germination and growth would be watched for. According to scientist plants will be selected based on how rapidly they germinate and how well they tolerate harsh conditions.

An Australian grass that can survive without water in a dormant form is a possible candidate. The project, according to the researchers, is an early step towards cultivating plants for food, medicine, and oxygen production, all of which are vital to establishing human life on the moon. The findings, according to Caitlin an associate professor at Canberra’s Australian National University, is also pertinent to worries about food security brought on by climate change.

Byrt stated in a statement, “If you can develop a system for cultivating plants on the moon, then you can develop a system for cultivating food in some of the most difficult settings on Earth.” The project is being managed by the Lunaria One organisation and involves researchers from Australia and Israel.

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