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Australia: 28-Year-Old Irish Man Accused Of Smuggling Cocaine In Chocolate Capsules

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Cocaine In Chocolate Capsules

Cocaine In Chocolate Capsules

In Australia, a 28-year-old Irish man is charged with concealing six chocolate capsules containing over 120 grams (4.2 ounces) of cocaine. The man allegedly brought drugs in Kinder Surprise yellow egg capsules that were not meant for eating, according to the authorities. 

The man was arrested at Melbourne International Airport, according to a joint news conference by the Australian Border Forces (ABF) and Australian Federal Police (AFP), after tests on his luggage confirmed the presence of cocaine. He was taken to a nearby hospital for a CT scan.

He was accused of importing a marketable amount of cocaine after excreting the cocaine-containing pills.

In a press release, Chris Slamon, detective superintendent said, “Smuggling drugs internally is idiotic – there is the real risk that something could go wrong, resulting in a potentially fatal drug overdose or permanent damage to internal organs.”

He continued by stating that this arrest amply demonstrates how people will go to great lengths to avoid being caught at the border. The individual showed up before the Melbourne Magistrates Court on December 30 last year. On March 27, he was remanded in custody to show up for a committal mention, the first hearing before the committal hearing. In Australia, the maximum sentence for these offenses is typically 25 years.

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