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AUKUS: Australia, US, and UK Submarine Deal Leaves Beijing Fuming 

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AUKUS March 2023

AUKUS March 2023

On Tuesday, China warned the UK, the US, and Australia that they have “gone further down a wrong and dangerous road” with their nuclear submarine agreement, replying angrily to the pack under which Washington will sell five of the nuclear-powered vessels to Canberra, and the three countries will together develop a fleet.

The deal will “stimulate an arms race, undermine the international nuclear non-proliferation system, and damage regional peace and stability,” this was reported by Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesperson Wang Wenbin on Tuesday. In Monday’s joint statement, the three countries announced that “decision to support Australia acquiring conventionally-armed, nuclear-powered submarines (SSNs). Today, we announce our pathway to achieve this critical capability.” In September 2021, the three countries announced AUKUS, “a new security partnership that will promote a free and open Indo-Pacific that is secure and stable.” their statement on the Submarine deal “The first major initiative of AUKUS was our historic trilateral decision.” This has left china fuming.

Beijing has continuously accused the AUKUS and the Quadrilateral Security Dialogue – in which India and Japan, apart from the US and Australia, are members – as blocs designed to encircle it. “China has repeatedly stressed that the AUKUS pact and the three countries’ efforts to advance cooperation on a nuclear submarine and other cutting-edge military technology is typical Cold War mentality,” Wang said. To develop submarines together. “Together, we will deliver SSN-AUKUS – a trilateral-developed submarine based on the United Kingdom’s next-generation design incorporating technology from all three nations, including cutting-edge US submarine technologies.”

“This step will systematically grow Australia’s sovereign SSN capability and support capacity. In the late 2030s, the United Kingdom will deliver its first SSN-AUKUS to the Royal Navy. Australia will deliver the first SSN-AUKUS built in Australia to the Royal Australian Navy in the early 2040s,” the joint statement added.

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