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Attention Foodies: Rs. 71,000 for eating a 10 ft Dosa in 40 minutes

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            There’s a new task for you, foodies. A Delhi restaurant is offering a reward of Rs 71,000 to anyone who can complete a 10-foot-long Dosa in under 40 minutes!

Shekhar Kumar, the proprietor of Uttam Nagar’s Swami Shakti Sagar restaurant, stated, “Our restaurant is hosting a 10-foot-long dosa challenge. We will give a cheque for 71,000 rupees if one individual does the Dosa by themself in 40 minutes”.

Bhawna, a food blogger who visited the eatery, posted a video of the dosa being prepared. The video title reads, “Dosa to others – pal apke papa aye hai”.

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