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At A Record Rate, Swiss Glaciers Lose Melting Volume In 2022

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Swiss Glacier

Swiss Glacier

Swiss glaciers have lost more than 6% of their total volume this year, the worst melting rate since records have been kept more than a century ago, according to a report released on Wednesday by the Swiss Academy of Sciences. The combination of back-to-back heatwaves and unusually little winter snowfall has been blamed for the glacial retreat.

According to their report, about 3 cubic km, or three trillion liters of water, worth of ice has melted away this year. According to reports, the extent of the ice melt was so great that several bodies and a plane that had been buried for decades were discovered, as well as ancient rocks that had been hidden by snow for millennia.

According to the Swiss Academy of Sciences, citing data from the Swiss Glacier Monitoring Network, “2022 was a disastrous year for Swiss glaciers: all ice-melt records were smashed by the great dearth of snow in winter and continuous heatwaves in summer.”

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