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Astrophysicists Need Your Help To Better Understand Dark Energy

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Dark Energy

Dark Energy

The development of the universe is accelerating, and the main cause is believed to be dark energy. The rate of elaboration of the universe is known as the Hubble Constant, but there are many gaps in the scientific knowledge of development.

Scientists do not yet know if the rate of growth is uniform across all regions of the universe and what exactly the rate is. To answer these questions, astrophysicists have founded a massive citizen science project in the hopes of discovering answers. The Dark Energy Explorers citizen science project is hosted on one of the most well-known crowdsourcing media for advancing science, Zooniverse.

There are different competing dark energy theories that provide different rates of expansion. By accurately measuring the rate of the expansion, the endeavor will help destroy the theories that are not aligned with the observations. Participants will be working with galaxies known as Lyman Alpha Emitters (LAEs), which are particularly bright in certain regions of the spectrum. Participants will also be authorized to differentiate between real galaxies and fake ones. The work of the participants will also be used in another way, to train machine learning algorithms that can be used to automate future findings and process huge amounts of data.

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