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Astrophysicists Need Help To Better Understand The Dark Energy

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The development of the cosmos is revving, and the leading cause is believed to be dark energy. The universe’s evolution rate is known as the Hubble constant, but there are many openings in the scientific knowledge of development.
Scientists have yet to determine whether the rate of expansion is the same in all parts of the universe and what its velocity is. To answer these questions, astrophysicists have launched a massive citizen science project hoping to find answers. The Dark Energy Explorers Citizen Science Project is hosted on Zooniverse, one of the most popular crowdsourcing platforms for advancing science.
Participants will be tasked with classifying galaxies as distant or nearby. Even though galaxies are dim and fuzzy blobs of light, the data is enough for astronomers to understand the position, distance, and brightness.
Participants will work with the most distant and faint galaxies, between nine and 11 billion light-years away. The Hobby-Eberly Dark Energy Experiment (HEDTEX) instrument is expected to discover more than a million distant galaxies in five years. Mapping all of this would create the most extensive map of the universe and allow scientists to understand better the role of dark energy in the universe’s youth.

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