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Astronomers have discovered a mysterious new wave on the Sun that is traveling at a quicker rate than expected.

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Scientists have discovered a new wave that is traveling at a considerably higher rate than astronomers had predicted mathematically. The Sun’s high-frequency-retrograde vorticity waves show on its surface as a pattern of vortices. Scientists discovered that it was traveling at three times the speed predicted by current theories. According to Shravan Hanasoge, a co-author of the article, the presence of HFR modes and their genesis is a real enigma that may point to interesting physics at work. The energy that drives life on Earth originates from the Sun’s strong energy output. According to NYU Abu Dhabi and Tata Institute of Fundamental Research, the Sun’s rotation in the north is always anti-symmetric.

According to the researchers, new HFR waves do not appear to be the product of any of these processes. Scientists want to better comprehend the Sun’s possible influence on the Earth by researching its internal dynamics using waves.

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