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ASEAN Agrees To The Lets East Timor Join The Regional Grouping

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On Friday, November 11, the #Association of South-East Asian Nations (#ASEAN) approved the entry of East #Timor into the 10-nation regional group in principle. In a statement made public, summit host Cambodia announced the choice.

“We the leaders of the Association of Southeast Asian Nations… agreed in principle to admit Timor-Leste to be the 11th member of ASEAN,” the statement said.

The youngest nation in Southeast Asia is East Timor. Only in 2002 did it become independent from Indonesia. After 24 years of occupation, independence was attained.

In Cambodia’s Phnom Penh, the ASEAN leaders have gathered. According to the statement, the leaders decided to give East Timor observer status and the opportunity to attend the summit and ASEAN meetings.

East Timor must meet certain requirements before being awarded full membership, which the bloc will today outline.

The former Portuguese colony, which is among the world’s poorest nations, struggles with severe inequality, malnutrition, and unemployment.

The initial application was made in 2011, and President Jose Ramos-Horta has long advocated for ASEAN membership. After previously holding office from 2007 to 2012, Ramos-Horta, who received the Nobel Peace Prize, was elected to a second term in April.

Indonesia had thought East Timor might formally join the ASEAN family next year since it will take over the ASEAN chair from Cambodia in 2023.

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