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As World try to get back normal, WHO says next variant could be deadlier than Omicron

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            As the globe returns to routine with the reopening of businesses and schools, researchers warn that the next Covid-19 variety will be more transmissible, and maybe deadlier, than its predecessors.

In a recent press event, World Health Organization (WHO) epidemiology and technical lead on Covid-19 Dr Maria Van Kerkhove underlined that the pandemic is far from finished and that subsequent varieties would be more dangerous than Omicron is currently.

“The next variation of concern will be more fit, which means it will be more transmissible since it will have to outcompete what is now circulating. The important question is whether future versions will be more or less severe”, According to Dr Van Kerkhove.

She also cautioned that the next version may be able to avoid immunity more quickly, leaving all vaccinations worthless. She did, however, emphasise the need of obtaining the vaccine since it protects against serious sickness and death. This was visible during the Omicron wave that swept the globe.

“We anticipate that with the proper measures, the circulation of Covid-19 will be minimal. However, even within such circulations, there will be flare-ups among patients who have not been vaccinated or who have diminishing protection”, Dr Van Kerkhove noted.

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