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As Russian shelling of cities continues, civilian fatalities escalate

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            According to Ukraine’s State Emergency Service, civilian deaths have continued to climb as Russian armed troops pounded several cities in Ukraine throughout the night and early hours of the morning (SES).

A fire at the Chernyakhov oil storage in Zhytomyr, west of Kyiv, was doused in the early hours of the morning.

Aerial bombardment destroyed residential dwellings and set fire to an apartment building in Sumy’s eastern metropolis. One lady was reported injured, and nine individuals, including two children, were slain.

Several fires have broken out in residential neighbourhoods in Mykolaiv, Ukraine’s southernmost city. Four persons were murdered in the attack, and five others were rescued from the wreckage and sent to a hospital.

Russian bombardment in Kharkiv, eastern Ukraine, caused fire to nine storey and 27 apartment units in a residential structure, requiring rescuers more than four hours to extinguish. A total of four persons were murdered.

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