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Artificial Lava Is Used To Mimic The Surfaces Of Rocky Exoplanets

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Artificial lava

Artificial lava

The kind of lava that might exist on distant exoplanets has been synthesized and modeled by scientists. When looking for volcanic worlds with oceans of molten rock, the 16 different surface composition types that have been identified can be used as a starting point.

The study’s lead author, Esteban Gazel, says that they “have synthesized compositions that are representative of potential exoplanet surfaces using a combination of thermodynamic modeling, laboratory experiments, and star metallicity data.” Co-author Lisa Kaltenegger says “New details about the kinds of places that exist on our cosmic shore are emerging from the JWST’s most recent observations of lava worlds. We have a tool for understanding the composition of these planets thanks to our collection of volcanic exoplanet surfaces.”

The scientists recreated and measured potential exoplanet surfaces by simulating the chemical compositions of planets orbiting known host stars. The synthetic lava was derived from the compositions of the fictitious exoplanets and cooled to mimic the surfaces of the exoplanets. The samples were then examined with infrared equipment to correlate spectral traits with chemical compositions.

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