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AR Rahman’s Son Ameen Great Escapes From Major Accident On Sets That Was “Shell Shocked”

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Ameen Great Escapes From Major Accident

Ameen Great Escapes From Major Accident

Music virtuoso AR Rahman’s son AR Ameen recently escaped a shocking accident while shooting for a song on sets. Mr. Ameen is a playback singer who debuted in the 2015 Tamil film O Kaadhal Kanmani. He has sung songs in various languages, the latest being “Suravalli Ponnu.” Mr. Ameen shared pictures from the damaged set, releasing details of the dangerous incident in a long caption. He said that during the shooting of the song, the set’s chandeliers, which a crane suspended, crashed to the ground and it was crashed to the ground. He then wrote that he was not hurt and is safe now, But still, he’s in shock and is “unable to recover from the trauma.” His full post reads, “I am thankful to the Almighty, my parents, family, well-wishers, and my spiritual teacher that I am safe and alive today. Just three nights ago, I was shooting for a song, and I trusted the team to take care of the engineering and safety while focusing on performing in front of the camera. The whole truss and chandeliers suspended from a crane came crashing down while I was in the middle of the spot. If it were a few inches here and there, a few seconds earlier or later, the whole rig would have fallen on our heads. My team and I are shell-shocked and unable to recover from the trauma.” 

AR Rahman reacted to his post, writing, “Miraculous escape,” while his sister Raheema commented, “God’s grace, my brother. We are here for you.” 

His second sister Khatija also commented, “Heartbreaking, Ameen. I can’t imagine how this would have felt. Our prayers and love are always with you, darling. Take care.” “Thank God you’re ok,” singer Harshdeep Kaur commented.

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