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Apple Watch May Soon Monitor Blood Sugar Levels

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Apple Watch

Apple Watch

Amid news of Apple saving lives, the manufacturer is rumored to be working on another significant innovation. Apple is reportedly considering blood glucose monitoring with their smart wearable watches.

According to a Bloomberg report, Apple is reportedly working on a project to monitor blood glucose levels without using invasive devices with Apple’s help. The company will reportedly use a silicon ‘photonics chip’ that uses laser-based technology to deliver results to Apple wearers.

According to a News18 report citing sources, the company has been working on the initiative for over a decade since signing a deal with RareLight (a manufacturer of blood glucose monitoring solutions). The product’s size is close to that of an iPhone, and Apple is working to reduce the technology’s footprint to a “thumb-sized chip,” a daunting task, the report added.

The company is often praised for its accurate notifications of declines in key health indicators in the body. The latest generation of Apple models come with additional features such as ECG, blood oxygen usage, and more to help provide a complete view of the wearer’s health.

The Apple Ultra is the most premium offering in the Apple Watch lineup, priced at Rs 89,990. It is connected to sensors to monitor heart health notifications and share fitness statistics with the wearer.

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