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Apple Hopes to Ditch Qualcomm by 2024, is Developing in-house Bluetooth, Wi-Fi and 5G Chip

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To lessen its reliance on Qualcomm, Broadcom and other component manufacturers, Apple has been working on creating its chips for Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, and 5G modems for a while. According to a recent article, this may start as early as 2024, which also mentions that Apple is working on its own Wi-Fi and Bluetooth chip. Apple may finally ditch Qualcomm and Broadcom in a year or two and use their custom Bluetooth, Wi-Fi chip, and 5G modem.

Although the cases were settled outside the court, Apple has clarified that its priority is building its modem technology for the next generation of iPhone and iPad models as soon as possible. This gave the company access to engineering talent and a comprehensive collection of standard-essential patents related to cellular technology. However, Apple will still have to license some patents from Qualcomm and Ericsson, even when it switches to in-house modems.

Apple is working on a Wi-Fi and Bluetooth chip that might be released as early as 2025 to replace Broadcom. It is also developing an upgraded version of this semiconductor that integrates Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, and cellular modem technology into a single chip.

However, Apple “has been working on modifying those parts as well,” according to closed resources.

Although Apple’s ambitions to employ its modem technology have been widely publicized, this is the first time we’ve heard that it intends to use an internal Bluetooth and Wi-Fi chip. All of this is consistent with Tim Cook’s view that Apple ought to be in charge of the critical elements of the iPhone itself. This will be a significant endeavor even for a company like Apple, which typically relies on its partners for essential components. It will be fascinating to watch how Apple implements these modifications in such a short period, given that development of these chips takes years.

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