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Another Leak Spotted in Nord Stream Pipeline

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Nord Stream Pipeline

Nord Stream Pipeline

One of the two Nord Stream pipelines, which EU leaders suspect were the target of sabotage at the beginning of the week, but now a fourth leak is reported, according to Swedish officials.

Since Monday, natural gas has begun flowing from both pipelines into the Baltic Sea. Both Nord Stream 1 and Nord Stream 2 were intended to transport gas from Russia to Germany, but since the beginning of September, both have remained inactive. However, both were filled with gas at the time of the ruptures.

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On Monday morning and Monday evening, underwater bursts were detected near the Bornholm island by seismologists in Sweden and Denmark, which may have been an intentional act of sabotage. According to a seismologist cited by Svenska Dagbladet, a third blast is not completely out of the question.

According to government officials quoted, Germany’s security agencies believe the damage has rendered the offshore pipelines “forever inoperable.” German security circles, according to a source cited by Der Spiegel, think that high-powered explosives comparable to 500 kg of TNT are to blame for the disclosures.

Russia claims US spy services were in charge of the explosions that destroyed gas pipelines in Sweden and Denmark. NATO countries and Russia have exchanged direct and/or indirect blame for the rifts. Once all of the gas has leaked out, according to technical experts, the pipelines will be more difficult to fix. Ice clogs in the pipes might make repairs much more difficult. Political and material wealth would likewise seem to defy reason.

According to accounts, European security officials saw Russian navy support ships close to the pipeline leaks. Whether or whether the ships were involved in the explosions is unknown. Some European lawmakers hypothesized that Russia may have used the explosions to manipulate gas prices or show its capacity to harm energy infrastructure.

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