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Another Earthquake In Turkey: 6.4- Magnitude Quake Comes Two Weeks After A Massive Quake That Killed Over 47,000 People  

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Earthquake In Turkey

Earthquake In Turkey

Another earthquake hit Turkey on Monday, prompting people to seek shelter. The 6.4-magnitude quake comes two weeks after a massive earthquake in Turkey and Syria killed more than 47,000 people. Another 5.6-magnitude quake followed this. The new tremor was centered in the southern Turkish city of Antakya and felt in Syria, Egypt, and Lebanon. It struck at a depth of 10 Kilometers (6.2 miles), the European-Mediterranean Seismological Centre(EMSC) said.

More than 200 people got injured, and three people died. Local media reported that some people were stuck under the rubble in the latest quake. The reporter stated that Monday’s earthquake led to more buildings falling. However, people fled the area after the January 6 quake, so the building was empty. One of the dead has been reported.  

Turkey’s Disaster and Emergency Management Authority AFAD said that the death toll from the January 6 earthquake had risen to 41,156 and was expected to rise further. The group said 385,000 apartments were destroyed or severely damaged in the devastating earthquake, and many others are still missing.

President Recep Tayyip Erdogan will start reconstructing the damaged building next month. 

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