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An engineer became a billionaire as a result of an astrologer’s prediction: Astrotalk

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Astrology, Bollywood, and Cricket are three things that Indians have long believed in. While there was always a place to watch Bollywood and cricket, there was a significant void in the online astrological arena. And that is just where Astrotalk discovered its niche in order to develop the world’s largest astrological firm, which has serviced over 2 million individuals in less than four years and generates over 41 lacs in income every day.

Although it appears that creating an online Astrological business was a wise move given the high demand, the fact is that Astrotalk was the consequence of an astrology forecast.

An astrologer advised an engineer who had no idea what he wanted to accomplish in the future to develop a profitable firm and become a billionaire. Puneet Gupta, the creator of Astrotalk, tells his experience below.

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