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An airstrike in Ukraine’s Zhytomyr killed two people and destroyed ten residential buildings

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            After an airstrike destroyed ten private residential properties in Zhytomyr, a city in the north-western region of Ukraine, two persons were killed and three were injured.

According to Ukrainian media, the airstrike occurred at 10:16 p.m. on March 1. While the airstrikes damaged ten structures, three of them caught fire.

According to a Ukrainian news source, “on March 1, at around 10:16 p.m., as a consequence of an airstrike, 10 private residences were previously damaged [three of which caught fire] and windows in the city hospital building were broken”.

“Two persons were killed, while three others were injured. There are most likely persons among the ruins of destroyed private residences”. The statement ran as follows:

Meanwhile, according to another source, “rescuers are looking for potential survivors following an attack in the Ukrainian city of Zhytomyr”.

“The incident killed at least two persons, wounded numerous others, and caused significant damage to 10 residential structures”, according to a statement from Ukraine’s State Emergency Service.

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