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A’mysterious creature’ has been discovered in a mongoose Zoo

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Many people have been amused by a post about a “strange creature” discovered in a zoo’s mongoose enclosure. You might find yourself laughing out loud after learning what the ‘monster’ turned out to be.The event was reported on the Folly Farm Adventure Park and Zoo’s official Facebook page. They claimed that the ‘creature’ was discovered by a zoo visitor.’This intriguing ‘creature’ was sighted in the banded mongoose enclosure by one of our guests over the weekend and had us all scratching our heads. Was it the Loch Ness Monster in miniature?A fascinating water lizard?! We dispatched our zoo crew to investigate, and I can promise you that it was only a fake crocodile dumped into the pond! I can assure you that we let out a sigh of relief. They wrote, “But it did give us all a laugh this dismal Monday morning!” They also shared two photos.

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