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Amid Demonstrations Against the Hijab Saudi Arabia Alerts the US that Iran may be Preparing an Attack

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Anti-hijab Protests

Anti-hijab Protests

On Tuesday, the #US warned that it would not hold back from retaliating if required in response to Iran’s threats against #SaudiArabia. The Wall Street Journal had earlier claimed that Saudi Arabia had informed the US of intelligence alerting them to an impending Iranian attack.

According to the source, Iran is planning assaults on Saudi Arabia in an effort to divert attention from the nationwide demonstrations that have erupted over the past two months in response to Mahsa Amini’s death while being held by police for not donning a headscarf.

Despite a harsh crackdown, thousands of women have taken to the streets to protest against the Iranian regime in demonstrations that show no signs of stopping. A National Security Council spokeswoman said, “We are concerned about the threat environment and we are in constant contact with the Saudis through military and intelligence channels.”

The official also stated, “We will act without hesitation in defence of our interests and allies in the region. Hossein Salami, the head of the Iranian Revolutionary Guards, warned the Saudi government last month not to depend too heavily on Israel.

Additionally, the US claimed that Iran had given Russia drones to use in its conflict with Ukraine, leading Washington to abandon its efforts to revive the Iran nuclear agreement. Saudi Arabia had accused Iran of attacking its oil facilities with missiles and drones in 2019.

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