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Covid-19 Latest News Updates: America is once again denying about indicators of a new Covid surge.

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After it comes to pandemic denial, the United States excels in denial: deny the virus’s human-to-human transmission when the first cases were reported in China in late 2019. After two years of the epidemic, the United Kingdom and Europe have sent five clear signals to the United States that a fresh surge is underway. Each time, the United States was hit by a fresh wave within weeks, some less severe (as with the Alpha version), some more devastating (Delta and Omicron variants). The United States ignored the first five warnings from the United Kingdom and Europe.

In the United States, we are now at a situation when vaccination and booster rates are extremely low. Protection drops dramatically without a booster, from 90-95 percent with a third injection to 75-80 percent without one. The Senate slashed the American Pandemic Preparedness Plan’s (AP3) funding from $58 billion to just $2 billion. The purchase for more than 9.2 million Paxlovid tablets, the Test-to-Treat programm announced during the State of the Union address, and research on extended Covid are all in jeopardy. A 4.3-fold increase in protection against severe Omicron sickness was discovered in an Israeli research of nearly 1 million adults aged 60 and over.

Unfortunately, we have the misconception that the epidemic is gone, which is far from the case. We haven’t seen a new, major variant yet, but there are too many reasons to believe that it will emerge in the months ahead, thanks to large animal reservoirs and documented cases of spillover to humans, a large number of immunocompromised people in whom the virus can evolve quickly, rare but increasingly seen co-infections, and the virus’s global lack of containment.

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